Ray Nedin Junior Cup Rules

Friday 3rd June 2011 | Gareth Williams

1Trustees.  The Trustees of the Association shall be the legal owners of the Cup in trust for the Association. 

2Title.  The Cup shall be known as the West Wales Junior U.14 Challenge Cup and Clubs in the area of the West Wales Football Association, whom the Council shall select, shall compete annually for the Cup, which shall never become the permanent property of any Club. 

3Control.  The Council of the West Wales Football Association, herein after called the Council, shall have the entire control and management of the Competition. 

4. Date of Entry.  Each Club, which must play in the Under 14 Division of its respective League, desirous of competing shall give notice to the Secretary of the Association, on or before 1st July in that season in which the Club proposes to compete, sending at the same time an Entrance Fee of £4.00. 

5Bona-fide Players.  Each competing team shall consist of eleven bona-fide players, and, they must have been playing members of their Club at least 14 days preceding the match.  No player will be allowed to register with a competing Club after the 1st February in each season.  They must not have attained the age of 14 years before the first day of September in the current season. 

6. Draw.  All Clubs shall be drawn together irrespective of geographical position for the First Round in which all byes shall be drawn. 

7. Duration of Matches.  The duration of each match shall be 70 minutes.  In the event of the scores being equal at the end of 70 minutes, an extra twenty minutes must be played.  If the scores remain equal after extra-time, the penalty-kick procedure shall apply in all rounds including the Final. 

8. Referees and Assistant Referees.  The Referee in all rounds prior to the Final shall be paid a fee of £16.00 plus 35 pence per mile travelling expenses.  In the Final Tie the Referee shall receive a memento plus 35 pence per mile travelling expenses.

Assistant Referees for the Semi-Final and Final Ties shall be appointed by the Association.  The fee for the Semi-finals being £10.00 plus 35 pence per mile travelling expenses, and for the Final Tie, the Assistant Referees shall receive a memento plus 35 pence per mile travelling expenses.

Match Officials MUST be in attendance at the ground at least 45 minutes prior to kick-off.  Referees must advise the Association of their late arrival and/or the late arrival of Assistant Referees.  Referees who fail to acknowledge an appointment within a stipulated period will be fined £10.00 for not answering correspondence.

9. Protests.  In the event of a protest being made against a Club playing any player over age, such Club playing him shall produce to the Secretary of the Association, within four days of receipt of the copy of the protest, a copy of the Certificate of Birth of the player named in the protest.  Should the protest fail, the cost of such certificate shall be met by the protesting Club. 

10. Proof of Age.  In all rounds each Club must produce evidence of dates of birth of the team actually playing, for examination by its opponents before the kick-off.

11. Schoolboy Matches.  A Club who has four or more players selected to play in a representative Schoolboy match on the same day, may request a postponement, provided that at least 7 clear days notice is given to the Association.  Any Club requesting a postponement that has sufficient registered players left to play a match must fulfil its obligations to its respective League on the same day.

12Substitutes.  A Club may nominate a maximum of five substitute players, whose names  must appear on the team sheet provided, which must be handed to the Referee prior to the match.

A Club may at its discretion, use ALL of the nominated substitute players, except to replace a player who has been suspended from the match by the Referee.  A Player who has been substituted may not again take part in the match.

The substitution can only be made when play has been stopped and with the permission of the Referee.

13Match Ball, Colours etc.  The Home Club must provide the match ball (size 5).  No two Clubs shall play in similar colours.  If the colours are similar, the HOME club shall make a change, unless mutually agreed.

14Expenses.  Visiting teams are responsible for their own travelling expenses, and the Home team is responsible for the match expenses, including the match Referee.  In the Semi-final matches, the expenses of the matches shall be shared equally between the Clubs concerned.

15. Mementos.   In addition to the Cup, the Council will present to the winners 16 mementos, and to the runners-up 16 mementos, or other suitable souvenirs as they may determine.

16. Rules applying.  Except as specifically varied by the foregoing Rules, the rules of the West Wales Intermediate Cup Competition shall apply to this Cup Competition.

17Alcohol.  The consumption of alcohol is prohibited around the playing area of all football grounds and Clubs must also comply with any legal legislation regarding the consumption of alcohol.