Intermediate Cup Rules

Tuesday 5th June 2012 | Gareth Williams

1.      Trustees.  The Trustees of the Association shall be the legal owners of the Cup in trust for the Association.

2.      Title.  The Cup shall be called the West Wales Intermediate Challenge Cup and shall never become the permanent property of any club.

3.      Control.  The entire control and management of the Competition shall be vested in the Council.  The Council shall have the power to formulate the Rules of the competition and to alter or add to the rules as they, from time to time, deem expedient.  Clubs shall be bound by any Contract entered into by the Council in relation to the Competition.  In any matter not specifically mentioned in these Rules, the Council shall have the power to take such action and impose such penalties as it deems necessary.

4.      Annual.  Clubs, whom the Council shall select, shall compete annually for the Cup.

5.      Date of Entry.  Each Club desirous of competing shall give notice to the Secretary of the Association on or before 1st July in the season in which such Club proposes to compete, sending at the same time Entrance Fee of £8.00.

6.      Bona-fide Players.  Each competing team shall consist of eleven bona-fide players and the nominated substitutes and they must have been playing members of their Club at least 14 days preceding the match.  No Player will be allowed to register with a competing Club after the 1st February in each season.

The Players of each team may be changed, but no individual shall play for more than one competing Team during the same Season.

No Player who is registered or has played with a Club which plays in a League not affiliated to this Association after 30th September shall be eligible to compete in this Competition.  (This does not apply to Youth Players who play in a recognised Youth League, or to players who play in up to three trial matches for a Professional Football Club, or to Players who play in certain Competitions for their works teams).

A Player who participates in the WWFA Senior Cup cannot play in this Competition unless it is for the same Club. The Players of each team must wear numbered shirts and the numbers worn by Players must correspond with the team sheet submitted to the Referee.

Only Non-Contract Players, who are NOT PAID for playing, are allowed to take part in this Competition.

Clubs entering this Competition must play their best team, or be dealt with for misconduct by the Council.

7.      Result of Matches to be Reported.  Following the completion of the match the HOME Club must notify the nominated Officer of the Association of the result . Failure to do so before 7pm on the day of the match may incur a fine of £10. The Referee shall within four days after the day of the match, send notice of the result in writing, together with the full names of the players in each team, to the nominated officer of the Association.  Failure to do so may incur a fine of £10. When an official Team Sheet is provided, both Clubs must insert the full names of their players before the kick-off and hand same to the Referee for completion and posting to the nominated officer of the Association.

8.      Disqualification of Players.  If the Council has any doubt as to the qualification of any player competing in this Competition, it shall have power to call upon such player or the Club to which he belongs, or for which he has played, to prove to the satisfaction of the Council that he is properly qualified according to the Rules, and, failing such satisfactory proof, the Council shall have power to disqualify such player and remove such Club from the Competition.

9.      Method of Competition Draw.  The names of the Clubs entered shall be drawn in pairs, each pair shall play off.  The winners shall again be drawn in pairs as in previous rounds until the Final Tie is played when the winning Club shall hold the Cup under the conditions provided by these Rules. 

All rounds shall be played on the Conference dates issued by the Council.  Immediately, after each drawing, the Secretary of the Association shall intimate to the Secretary of each Club, the name of the Club it is drawn against, and, the date and place for playing the Tie.  Clubs shall not mutually arrange to play a match in lieu of a Cup Tie.  If a match is played to a conclusion it must be a Cup Tie.

10Choice of Ground.  Unless otherwise mutually arranged, the Clubs which are in each instance first drawn in the ballot shall have choice of grounds.  If the chosen ground shall not comply with Rule 28 or in any other way be considered unsuitable for a Cup Tie, the opponents may appeal within seven days of the draw to the Council, who, if such appeal be sustained, shall order the match to be played on the ground of the appealing Club, or on a neutral ground.  If such appeal be not sustained, the complaining Club may be called upon at the discretion of the Council to pay expenses incurred in deciding such appeal.  It shall be permissible for a Club whose ground does not comply with Rule 28, to play its Cup Ties on an adjacent ground of requisite dimensions providing such Club can satisfy the Council at the beginning of the season that it has done all in its power to improve its ground or to secure another.  Also, providing that the Club has registered with the Association, at the time of entering the Cup Competition, the name and location of the said adjacent ground.  Hard-core or Marl surfaced pitches are considered unsuitable for a Cup Tie.

11Playing Condition of the Ground.  Each Club must take every precaution to keep its ground in playing condition, and, if necessary, either Club may appeal to the Association and the Secretary shall require the Referee or some other Referee to examine the ground and decide as to its fitness for play in sufficient time to save expenses of unnecessary journeys being incurred by the Clubs.  Subject to this Rule, the Referee shall have power to decided as to the fitness of the ground in all matches and must report to the ground where the match is to be played at least forty-five minutes before the time of kick-off.

12Postponed Matches.  Postponed matches shall be played not later than the following Sunday week. When new arrangements have been made, the Secretary of the Home Club shall notify the Secretary of the Association immediately.

Any Club intending to scratch must give information of its intention to do so to the Secretary of the Association not less than eight days before the date fixed for playing, or shall be reported to the Council, who shall have power to compel such offending Club to pay expenses incurred by its opponents or of taking such action as may be deemed expedient.

In postponed matches only those players shall be allowed to play who are eligible to play on the date originally fixed for the completion of the round.

Should a match be postponed on two occasions the fixture shall be reversed, with home advantage being awarded to the visiting Team. In those circumstances the match expenses shall be paid by the host Club.

13Late Start, Duration of Matches, etc.  Any Club guilty of delaying the start of a match shall be reported by the Referee.  The Council shall have the power to fine or otherwise deal with the offending Club if its explanation is unsatisfactory.  The duration of each match shall be one hour and a half.  In all rounds an extra half-hour must be played in drawn matches, unless the circumstances are deemed exceptional.  In the event of the scores being equal at the end of 90 minutes, extra-time will be played in all rounds including the Semi-Final and Final Tie.

When a match has resulted in a draw after extra-time, in all rounds including the Semi-Final and Final Tie, the penalty-kick procedure will apply.

Should either Club refuse to play it shall be adjudged to have lost the match.  When Clubs, drawn together have arranged to play on a certain date, if either Club fails to comply it shall be disqualified.  In the event of any Clubs drawn together in any Tie, failing to play within the appointed time, they shall be struck out of the Competition, unless sufficient reason be given to the Council for an extension of time.

14Home Club Duties.  The arrangements for the playing of the match, except for the Semi Final and Final ties, shall be the responsibility of the HOME Club. Those details MUST be communicated to the appointed Referee and the away Club at least 5 days before the scheduled date. Failure to do so may incur a fine of £10. The Home Club must provide the ball and for the marking of the ground.  The Home Club must also provide suitable and private accommodation for Officials appointed by the Association.

Failure to notify the nominated officer of the Association, match Referee or Away Club of a postponed match may incur a fine of £10 and render the HOME Club liable for any expenses incurred.

15Clubs having Similar Colours.  No two Clubs shall play in similar colours.  In the qualifying rounds if two Clubs are drawn together whose colours are similar, the Home Team shall make a change, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.  In the Semi-final and Final Ties, if two Clubs are drawn together whose colours are similar, they must, prior to the day of the match, toss for choice or otherwise mutually arrange.

16Protests.  All questions of eligibility, qualifications of players, or interpretation of the Rules or Laws of the Game shall be referred to the Council.  Should any Club in connection with any dispute or protest have a member on the Council, the said member shall not be eligible to sit on Council while such dispute or protest is being considered. No protest relative to the playing ground, goal-posts or bars, or other appurtenances of the game shall be entertained by the Council unless it is laid with the Referee before the commencement of the match, nor shall any protest relative to the interpretation of the Rules or Laws of the Game be entertained unless laid with the Referee on or before the conclusion of the match.  Protests may be made verbally, but must be handed to the Referee in writing, before he has left the ground.  A written notice of such protest or protests and two copies thereof must be sent to the Secretary of the Association within four days (Sundays excepted) after the conclusion of the match, within which time a written protest against the eligibility of any player may be lodged.  The sum of £30.00 must be deposited with the Secretary of the Association, together with all such appeals or protests, such sum may be forfeited to the funds of the Association in the event of such protest or appeal not being sustained.

17Expenses incurred through Protests.  The Council may order any Club engaged in a protest to pay such sum as may be considered necessary towards defraying the expenses incurred.  No objection or protest shall be withdrawn except by leave of the Council.

18Referees and Assistant Referees.  The Referee in all Intermediate Cup Competition matches shall not belong to either competing Clubs and shall be appointed by the Council of the Association.  Except in the Semi-final and Final matches the Referee shall be paid a fee of £20.00 plus travelling expenses of 35 pence per mile.  In each of the Semi-Final Cup Ties, the Referees fee shall be £22.00 plus travelling expenses of 35 pence per mile.  In the Final Tie the Referee shall receive a memento, plus travelling expenses of 35 pence per mile. In Semi-Final and Final matches the Assistant Referees will be appointed by the Council of the Association and each shall be paid a fee of £15.00 for the Semi-finals, and in the Final Tie the Assistant Referees will receive a memento, plus travelling expenses of 35 pence per mile.

In all rounds prior to the Semi-finals, all Clubs must provide an Assistant Referee, whose duties shall be specified by the Referee prior to the commencement of the game.

Match Officials MUST be in attendance at the ground at least 45 minutes prior to kick-off. Referees must advise the Association of their late arrival and/or the late arrival of Assistant Referees.

Referees who fail to acknowledge an appointment within the stipulated period will be fined £10.00 for not answering correspondence.

19Grounds for Semi-Final Ties.  The Semi-Final Ties shall be played on neutral grounds chosen by Council.  The expenses of the matches shall be shared equally between the Clubs concerned and any surplus accruing from these matches shall also be shared equally.

20Ground for Final Tie.  In the last Tie, being the Final, the ground shall be chosen by the Council.  Clubs affiliated to this Association can be compelled to give their grounds to the Association for the purpose of playing the Final Tie at a fee not exceeding 5 per cent of the gross gate.

21Dates fixed for Semi-Final and Final Cup Ties.  The Semi-finals and Final Cup Tie dates arranged by the Council shall be strictly adhered to, unless mutual arrangements are arrived at between the two competing Clubs and the Association within 10 days of the original fixed date.

22Refusal to play in Semi-Final or Final.  In the event of any Club scratching or declining to play for any reason in a Semi-Final or Final Tie, the Council may, if time and circumstances permit, select any other Club, of the original entrants for the Competition, to play.  Other things being equal, preference may be given to the Club which was next in merit, judged from the results of the rounds, and, if more than one Club has equal claims, the Clubs should be selected by lot from those having equal claims if there is not time to permit of their playing-off.

23Clubs failing to play.  In the Semi-final and Final Ties, any Club failing to play without showing a good and sufficient cause of such failure to play, may be adjudged by the Council to have been guilty of serious misconduct and liable to be dealt with under Rule 16 of the Association.

24Qualifying Rounds.  Visiting Teams to be responsible for their own travelling expenses and the Home Team to have responsibility of the Match Expenses.

25Division of Gate, Final Tie.  In the Final Tie, the first charge on the net proceeds of the Gate shall be the cost of the mementos.  The Association (after payment of all expenses of the match) shall divide the balance retaining 10 per cent, dividing 90 per cent equally between the finalists.

26Finals at the same Ground.  When the Junior or Youth and Intermediate Finals are played on the same day on the same ground, the distribution of the 90 per cent of the balance of the gate to Clubs shall be determined by Council.

27Laws of the Game.  The Laws of the Game to be observed in the Competition shall be those of the Football Association of Wales.

28Dimensions of Ground.  The ground for the Cup Ties shall not be less than 100 yards by 50 yards, and not more than 130 yards by 80 yards.  The ground, if possible, to be roped-off three yards from the touch and goal-lines which are to be clearly defined.  It is desirable that goal-nets should be used.  Corner Flags must be provided for all rounds of the Competition.

29Safe Custody of the Cup.  When the winning Club shall have been ascertained, the Association shall deliver the Cup to the representatives of such Club, upon receiving a document to the following effect, subscribed by two persons.

'We, a.b., and c.d., members of and representing the....................................A F C, which has now been declared to have won the West Wales Football Association Intermediate Challenge Cup, and, the same having been delivered to us by the Secretary of the West Wales Football Association, do hereby on behalf of the said Club, and, individually and collectively, engage to return the same to the Secretary of the Association for the time being, 28 days before the Final match in next season, in good order and condition, and, in accordance with the conditions of the annexed Rules, to which also we have subscribed our respective names.  We also individually and collectively, undertake to pay the Association an amount equal to the current value of the Trophy for any uninsured loss or damage'.  The responsibility of Insurance of the Trophy herein referred is vested in the West Wales Football Association.  The engraving of the Trophy is the responsibility of the West Wales Football Association and this work must not be carried out by anyone else.

30Mementos. In addition to the Cup, the Council will present to the winners 14 mementos, and the runners-up 14 mementos, or other suitable and appropriate souvenirs as they may determine.

31Substitutes.  A Club may nominate and use THREE substitute players at any time in a match, except to replace a player who has been suspended from the game by the Referee.  The substitution can only be made when play has been stopped and with the permission of the Referee.  The substitute players must be nominated to the Referee prior to the start of the game.

32AlcoholThe consumption of alcohol is prohibited around the playing area of all football grounds and Clubs must comply with any current legal legislation regarding the consumption of alcohol.