Referees' Committee

Saturday 4th June 2011 | Gareth Williams

  1. Control of Referees.  The authority over and control of Referees and Refereeing in the area of the West Wales Football Association shall be vested in the Council, who shall have power to delegate such duties as may be thought fit to a Sub-committee to be called the Referees’ Committee.
  2. Constitution of Committee.  The Council may co-opt one Member of each Referees’ Society in the WWFA area.  Such co-opted Member shall be a non-active Referee and shall have no voting powers.
    No co-opted Member shall be present when cases of alleged misconduct against Referees are being dealt with.
  3. Examinations.  The Referees’ Committee shall hold examinations when and where necessary, for the purpose of ascertaining the competency of candidates, and such candidates must first pass a Theoretical Examination in the Laws of the Game.  After candidates have satisfied the Examiners they shall be registered in Grade 4B, 4C or 4D (Dependant on age and participation).  No Candidate under the age of 14 shall be eligible for examination.
  4. Applications.  Printed application forms will be supplied to candidates by the Referees' Officer which must be properly filled up, and, lodged with the Referees' Officer, together with a Registration fee of £10.00, which shall cover the first year’s subscription, or in the event of the candidate failing to satisfy the Examiners, shall cover any subsequent Examination n the same season.  Three days’ notice shall be given to Candidates of the date, place, and hour when Examinations will be held.
  5. Certificates.  The Football Association of Wales will issue Certificates to persons qualified to act as Referees.
  6. Official List.  The Referees' Officer shall compile an Official List of Referees annually and all Referees wishing to have their names included must make application on an Official form for the purpose, which must be lodged with the Referees' Officer, properly completed, and accompanied by the fee as per Rule 8, on or before the 1st July in each season.
     6.1.  A person who has lost the sight of an eye shall not be registered.
    6.2.  The Referees' Committee shall have the power to remove from the Official List or require to be re-examined, any Referee when deemed desirable.
  7. Classification.  The Committee shall classify the Referees on the Official List as follows:

    Grade One:    International
                        1A   Welsh Premier Referees
                        1B   Welsh Premier Talent Referees

    Grade Two:    2   Cymru Alliance and Welsh League Referees (who are also Welsh Premier Assistant Referees)         

    Grade Three:  3A  Referees’ Panel of the Directly Affiliated Leagues at Tier Three of the Pyramid
                        3B  Area FA Referees below the above categories who referee at area level and act as Assistant Referees at Tiers 2 and 3 of the Pyramid 

    Grade Four:    4A  Second season referees over the age of 16 who operate at grass roots level*
                         4B  First year referees over the age of 16
                         4C  Qualified and registered referees under the age of 16
                         4D  Qualified and registered referees who are non active    

    * Length of time in 4A normally to be two years unless exceptional circumstances apply

  8. Fees.  The Committee shall require an annual subscription of £10.00, which includes the cost of a copy of the Laws of the Game, from every Referee placed upon the Official List.  The annual subscription includes the cost of the Association’s Handbook.  Referees liable to have their names removed from the Official List. Any Referee whose subscription is unpaid on 1st July shall be fined the sum of £10.00 and be suspended until same is paid.

  9. Promotion of Referees.  Referees, who have reached the age of 16 years on 1st September, may apply for promotion to the Referees' Officer, in writing, on or before 1st October in any season.
  10. Appointments.  Leagues and other Combination of Clubs under the sanction or jurisdiction of this Association may appoint Referees to their own matches, provided the appointments are from the Official List. 

    10.1   Upon application from a Club or League affiliated to this Association, the Committee Committee will appoint a Referee to act in any match, provided the request is received not less than seven days previous to the date of the match. 

    10.2    Referees appointed by any Affiliated League or Competition shall, in writing, accept accept or decline the appointment within four days of the notification.  Referees failing to do so shall be liable to a fine of £2.00.

    10.3    A Referee cancelling an engagement for the purpose of officiating in another match shall be dealt with by the Council of the Association for breach of contract

    10.4.  Referees who fail to cknowledge an appointment within the stipulated period will be fined £10.00 for not answering correspondence.

  11. Referees failing to carry out Appointments.  In the event of any Referee failing to carry out an engagement which he has accepted, without giving a satisfactory explanation – the acceptance of another match may not be deemed sufficient reason – he may have his name removed from the Official List or be otherwise dealt with.
  12. Unplayed Matches.  Should a match be postponed from any cause, and, the Referee makes the journey, not having received notification thereof, he/she shall be entitled to receive from the Secretary of the Home Club, at least half the usual fee, plus appropriate travelling expenses.
  13. Complaints.  Complaints by or against Referees must be sent within seven days in writing to the Referees' Officer of this Association and any Referee found guilty of  misconduct shall be liable to have his/her name removed from the Official List, or be dealt with as the Council may determine.  All reports must be in duplicate.  The right of appeal against decisions of Council exists to the Football Association of Wales.
  14. Reports.  Reports by Referees and substitute Referees, on misconduct of Players, Club Officials, or spectators at matches in the area of the West Wales Football Association, must be made direct to the Secretary of this Association, in addition to any report that may be required by the particular League or Competition under whose immediate jurisdiction the match is played.  All reports must indicate the nature of the misconduct and FULL NAME(s) of alleged offender(s).

    Referees when Cautioning or Sending Off a player MUST:
    (a)   Ask the Player/s for his/her FULL NAME.
    (b)   Indicate the Offence for which disciplinary action is being taken.
  15. Unaffiliated Clubs.  No Referee on the Official List may officiate at a match in which either or both teams are unaffiliated to this or some other recognised Association without the special sanction of this Committee.
  16. Referees to be conversant with Rules of League and other Competitions.  Referees should make themselves thoroughly conversant with the Rules bearing upon their duties to the particular League or Competition in which they are officiating.
  17. Red and Yellow Cards.  Referees are required to use red and yellow cards to signify dismissals and cautions in all matchesand Competitions in which they officiate.
  18. Referees under the age of 16 years, shall only officiate in matches where the players are of a younger age group to the Referee.
  19. Appointments by the West Wales Football Association take first place in order of precedence, except for appointments made by the Football Association of Wales, Welsh Premier League and Welsh Football League.
  20. Referees Dress.  The Dress for the Referees will be Black Shirt, Black Shorts, and Black Stockings with white tops.
  21. Referees and Assistant Referees who officiate in WWFA Cup Competitions must wear the Official Badge of the West Wales Football Association or the Football Association of Wales.